The A-CHAIR offers both style and substance. Modular by nature, the chair’s shell and frame can be finished in many different colours and materials. With a choice of timber or polypropylene shell, and polished aluminium or polypropylene legs, the component parts allow users to customise the A-CHAIR according to the look, feel and application desired.

Flat-sided, half-spherical legs allow two chairs to be pushed against one another to create a seamless and fluid line when joined.

This high level of considered design extends to the way the A-CHAIR stacks 15-high vertically, requiring minimal floor space. Furthermore, the chair’s seat is generous in width, which increases seating comfort over long periods.

The online A-CHAIR web configurator allows for the chair to be specified in any of the five plastic colours and timbers available.

Designer: Jehs + Laub.